PO36-PR3 Warm Red - Charbonnel Traditional Intaglio Etching Ink

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  • PO36-PR3 Charbonnel Warm Red Etching Ink
  • PO36-PR3 Charbonnel Warm Red Etching Ink


Charbonnel: Warm Red
Lightfastness: Completely Lightfast, even when lightened ★★★
Opacity: Transparent / Opaque ◪
Pigments: PO36-PR3 Warm Red
Characteristics: Red with a hint of Yellow
Reds: The reds are composed of azo and quinacridone pigments. The azo pigments are organic pigments, with the oldest ones dating back to the beginning of the century. These azo pigments have medium coloring power and are well colored. They are reasonably transparent and chemically stable. The quinacridones are very powerful and deep and have an excellent lightfast quality. They are very transparent.
Drying: The drying time for Charbonnel reds is 15 - 20 days.

★★★ Completely Light-fast colors, even when lightened ◻ Transparent Colors
★★Very Light-fast colors ◪ Transparent / Opaque Colors
★ Light-fast colors used in a pure state ◼ Opaque Colors
PW = White Pigment
PO = Orange Pigment PB = Blue Pigment
PBr = Brown Pigment
PV = Violet Pigment
PY = Yellow Pigment
PR = Red Pigment
PG = Green Pigment
PBk = Black Pigment

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