Photopolymer Plate

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These steel-backed photopolymer plates offer exceptional detail clarity as well as capturing light & mid tone grays. Each plate comes with a Handy U.V. protective sheet that peels off prior to use.
Km Plates Require an exposure unit to process. Plate develops with water, providing a safer alternative to traditional relief printing.

KM43 plates are thinner than the KM83 plates. 
KM43 plates are perfect for photo work.  With the thinner emulsion you are able to capture more of the light and mid-tone grays than the thicker emulsion of the KM83 plates.  Due to the thinner emulsion a single light source exposure system with vacuum frame is extremely recommended. 
Solar exposures with the KM43 plates are very difficult to master as the emulsion is so thin it makes the exposure time very quick when done with the sun.  

KM83 plate emulsion is twice as thick as the KM43 plates.  This makes your exposures more forgiving and it is possible to expose these plates in the sun.   While a single point light source with a vacuum frame is still strongly recommended for your exposures to ensure you are able to achieve the highest quality these plates offer.

SDS Sheet

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