KM 83 Photopolymer Plate 8 X 10 in.

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New KM 83 Plates. Thicker emulsion allows for relief prints and longer exposure times.
These steel-backed photopolymer plates offer exceptional detail clarity as well as capturing light & midtone grays. Each plate comes with a Handy U.V. protective sheet that peels off prior to use.
Km Plates Require an exposure unit to process. Plate develops with water, providing a safer alternative to traditional relief printing.
KM 83 Photopolymer Plates have a similar emulsion thickness to the original Solar Plates allowing for deep etches and relief work. Expose using a Stouffer 21 Step Scale to produce a solid 14/15 (We have not had a chance to verify the stouffer scale on these plates.). If you do not have an Aqua Tint Screen you will want to pick a screen that is larger than your biggest plate that you plan to expose.

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