KM 43 Photopolymer Plate 16.5 X 23.375 in.

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These steel-backed photopolymer plates offer exceptional detail clarity as well as capturing light & midtone grays. Each plate comes with a Handy U.V. protective sheet that peels off prior to use.
Km Plates Require an exposure unit to process. Plate develops with water, providing a safer alternative to traditional relief printing.
KM Photopolymer Plates have a thinner emulsion than Solar Plates, their primary use is for photo intaglio, due to the thinner emulsion they do not work as well as Solar Plates for relief work. Expose using a Stouffer 21 Step Scale to produce a solid 14/15. If you do not have an Aqua Tint Screen you will want to pick a screen that is larger than your biggest plate that you plan to expose.
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