Copper Plate

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Copperplate is a commonly used printmaking plate used in various intaglio techniques including etching, engraving, mezzotint, drypoint, and photogravure.

The following steps prepare the surface and edges of copper plates for use as matrices in various intaglio techniques.
1. Remove the thin PVC film exposing the protected copper underneath.
2. Use a file or deburring tool to sculpt a forty-five-degree chamfer on the top edges of the plate.
3. Polish and degreased the copper plate using whiting powder.
Thickness: 18 gauge (.043")
Note: The pvc film is only applied to one side of the plate.  The film is applied at the factory to help protect it from scratches and abrasions, this protection is limited and does not guarantee that the plates will be blemish free.  

Mezzo-tinting is optional and will add 4-6 weeks to the lead time as each plate is made to order.