Hanco French Chalk 26-1600 1 lb

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French Chalk Talcum or talc helps gum arabic and TAPEM etchant chemicals lie more closely to the grease information which composes the lithographic drawing.
After work is with Litho crayons and tusche, preparation for the first etch of the litho plate or stone begins with the application of then french chalk talcum which helps the etchant lie closely to the grease content of the drawing information. Next gum arabic containing tannic and phosphoric acids or TAPEM is loosely buffed onto the litho plate or stones surface with shop towels or kim wipes causing the image area to accept printing ink while causing blank areas to accept water applied with a sponge which rejects ink during roll up with a leather roller and printing on a litho press.
French Chalk Talcum is used in lithography during the first and second etch and during the image closing procedures

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