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Gift card Gift Certificate

Looking to get someone a little special something but don't know what to get?
A gift certificate is the best way to still get them something without having to worry about whether or not you picked the right item out.

Plastic Ink Spreader 3" x 4" Plastic Ink Spreader 3 X 4 in.

Perfect for spreading ink across your etching plates

Price: $0.75
Tarlatan Tarlatan

Available in Regular or Stiff Tarlatan, 36" wide by the Yard or Bolt, 100 Yards.

Akua Wiping Fabric Akua Wiping Fabric

  • 5 yd
  • 10 yd
  • 100 yd bolt
Perfect material for wiping ink into the grooves and removing excess ink from the surface of all types of intaglio plates, including; photopolymer, etched, drypoint, collagraph and monoprint plates. Made from polyester material which is long lasting and lint free.

Ink scraper with retractable razor blade Ink Scraper Retractable Razor Blade

Retractable ink scraper with locking blade.

Price: $3.00
Richard Razor Scraper Richard Razor Scraper

This non-retractable scraper is simple, easy to clean and fits a standard single-edge razor.

Price: $5.00
General Purpose Shop Towel General Purpose Shop Towel

This low-lint blue cloth-like towel does well on solvent, oil, or water-based inks.
11" x 14" sheet
55 sheet roll

Dispensing Pump Dispensing Pump for 1 Gallon Containers

Handy reusable 1 gallon dispensing pump.
For use with any 1 gallon bottle.
Suggest for use with TKO Hand Cleaner and Soy Response.

Price: $6.00
1.25 inch ink knife Ink Knife 1.25 in. Scraper (Stiff)

1.25 inch ink knife with stiff blade.

Price: $9.00
1.25 inch flexible ink knife Ink Knife 1.25 in. Scraper (Flexible)

1.25 inch flexible ink knife.
Perfect for mixing inks.

Price: $9.00
100 pack razor blades 100 Pack Razor Blades

100 pack razor blades designed for use with the retractable razor scraper.

Price: $9.00
Printmaking Tray Printmaking Tray

These high density polyethylene trays are great for etching plate, soaking paper, or developing photosensitive plate.

Ink knife 3 inch stiff tapered Ink Knife 3 in. Scraper (Stiff Tapered)

Stiff tapered 3 inch ink knife.
Great for use with stiff inks

Price: $12.00
Leather Roller Scraper Leather Roller Scraper

Long bladed scraper used to remove ink from a leather roller.

Price: $12.00
Kimwipes Kimwipes

15" x 17" sheet.

  • Carton of 140 wipes
  • 15 Carton Case
Soft, lint-free, texture less wipes. Ideal for processing photo polymer etching plates and films.

Price: $12.50
Bone Folder Bone Folder

Hand Carved genuine bone, used to burnish the torn edges and fold paper.

Price: $13.00
Print Storage Bags Print Storage Bags

Made of clear plastic, these protective storage bags are archival and acid-free museum quality.
They come with a self sealing flap to keep print secure and clean. Made with polypropylene.

Rice Starch Rice Starch

  • 8 oz
Museum Quality adhesive, Neutral ph.

Price: $16.00
Wheat Starch Wheat Starch

  • 8 oz
Museum Quality adhesive, Neutral ph.

Price: $18.00
Linen tester Linen Tester

8x power with double lens.
Folding metal case and storage pouch.

Price: $21.00
TKO Hand Cleaner TKO Hand Cleaner

Tiny scrubbing beads combined with lanolin and other emollients provide excellent results without the heavy smell of other hand cleaners.
Each 1 gallon container yields 8 pounds of cleaner.

Fine Art Paper Tear Bar Fine Art Paper Tear Bar

Designed and manufactured by Takach Press Corporation, This stainless steel bar's unique design allows effortless tearing of heavy western fine art printmaking paper, as well as Japanese papers.
When tearing Japanese papers first fold the paper where it is to be torn. Dampen the folded edge of paper with water. Place our Tear Bar on the folded line and tear.

Price: $59.00
Hinged Fine Art Tear Bar Fine Art Paper Tear Bar With Hinge

Hinged fine art tear.  Hinge allows you to mount tear bar to your work table ensuring that it doesn't "walk away".

Price: $135.00