Akua Wiping Fabric

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  • Akua Wiping Fabric
  • Akua Wiping Fabric


Less absorbent than tarlatan or cheese cloth, reducing the possibility of over wiping the image area on the plate. Yet, it is absorbent enough to wipe the surface area clean. As a result, prints have good contrast, fine detail, rich saturated colors and smooth solids without streaking.

Perfect material for wiping ink into the grooves and removing excess ink from the surface of all types of intaglio plates
  • intaglio
  • etching
  • drypoint
  • collograph
  • photopolymer plates
  • monoprint
  • Less absorbent, smoother and softer than traditional tarlatan.
  • Plates print with more highly saturated color and smooth solids without streaking.
  • Polyester construction makes fabric sturdy, long-lasting and lint free.
  • No need to do a final paper or hand wipe on the plate!
How to determine how much to buy
  • Width size is 19 inches. It will take about 1 yard x 19” of fabric to make a wiping pad for small plates and about 2 yards x 19” of fabric for large plates.
Available in by the yard or the bolt.
A Bolt of Akua Wiping fabric is 100 yards long by 19" wide.

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