C & W Lithotine

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C & W
Safe, non-toxic substitute for turpentine.
Perfect for washing out litho plates.
Lithotine can be used for washing-out ink from the lithographic image and for general cleanup in lithography. Lithotine is a petroleum solvent and it contains a small amount of pine oil.
Lithotine is used to wash out the image prior to applying asphaltum with a rag or Kim Wipe onto the litho plate or stone. The next step is to wipe the asphaltum off of the image with a damp sponge.
This is done before rolling with a leather roller and a roll up ink. When the image is inked up rosin then talc are buffed into the image. Finally Gum Arabic is buffed onto the litho plate or stone.
Lithotine is also used in the second etch process of lithography. Lithotine can penetrate the gum arabic and re-etch the image.
Apply C & W Lithotine at full strenght and liberally wash litho plates. Dry with soft, clean cloth.

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