Tarlatan Stiff (Yard)

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5 units


Available in Regular or Stiff Tarlatan, 36" wide by the Yard (5 yard minimum) or Bolt, 100 Yards.
Tarlatan Wiping Pad
Tarlatan is made into a wiping pad, and is used to hand wipe intaglio plates.
Regular Tarlatan
Regular Tarlatan is an open-weave cotton fabric, that is stiffened with starch
Stiff Tarlatan
Stiff Tarlatan is more highly starched, requiring more breaking in to soften.
Stiff Tarlatan removes less ink from incised lines of the intaglio plate than Regular Tarlatan.
Breaking in Tarlatan
Breaking in Tarlatan is commonly done by pulling a length of Tarlatan around the corner of a table leg.

Available by the yard or in 100 yard bolts.

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