A View from the South

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A View from the South: The Narrative Art of Boyd Saunders
By Thomas Dewey II
Foreword by Charles R. Mack

A View from the South is the first comprehensive examination of the life and art of one of America’s premier printmakers. Thomas Dewey II chronicles Saunders’s work as a printmaker, painter, sculptor, illustrator, author, educator, amateur musician, and sometimes horseman. With great care Dewey exposes the common thread that runs through Saunders’s visual expressions: his intriguing tales that reveal his heartfelt devotion to the people and places of the American South. His art is exhibited throughout the world and is included in many private and public collections, including the Boston Public Library, the U.S. Wildlife Collection in Washington, D.C., and the Shanxi University in China.

Thomas Dewey II is a faculty emeritus associate professor of art history at the University of Mississippi. He has published widely in professional journals.

“Boyd Saunders enjoys a well-told story—one populated with memorable characters in vivid settings all described in richly varied prose. And this is very much how he tells his visual stories. Saunders’s earthy and muscular lines clarify and enhance drama and remind us why a disciplined control of media—which he so clearly commands—remains important to the tale, however tall.”—Will South, chief curator, Columbia Museum of Art.

Jaunuary 2019
10.5 x 12
240 pages
124 Color illus.
ISBN 978-1-61117-912-5
The University of South Carolina Press