4.75 in. Diameter Grabit Rollers (Simulated Leather)

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  • Grabit Rollers (Simulated Leather)
  • Grabit Rollers (Simulated Leather)


These quality rollers are manufactured as a standard hand roller.
The first layer of rubber is wrapped as a standard roller. Next an elastomeric ink roll covering formulation is applied which is uniformly impregnated with synthetic fibers. The result is a hand inking roller with a textured surface, Designed to duplicate key characteristics, properties and performance of traditional leather roller.
The Grabit Roller may be cleaned with a recommended roller wash such as Varn 133. Using a fine bristle brush dampened with a roller wash will restore the nap of the roller should it become matted. The ability to clean these rollers doesn't limit you to using black ink as with leather rollers. Any ink color may be used.

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