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4" Diameter Leather Roller
Lengths available 10" 12" 14" 16"
These traditional rollers have a maple wood core and handles. Stones manufactures these one-at-a-time, featuring a hand-stitched seam. Each roller comes with instructions for break-in procedures, manufacture's 1 year warranty, and serial number. NOTE: If not in stock, may take several weeks for delivery.
To insure the proper break-in and conditioning of your new roller
our recommended break-in procedure is as follows:
1. Generously apply #00 lithographic varnish to the leather. Allow to set overnight.
2. Scrape the roller and roll up in #3 lithographic varnish. Allow the roller to sit overnight.
3. Scrape the rol.ler and roll up with #5 lithographic varnish. Allow to sit overnight.
4. Repeat this roll up with #7 lithographic varnish.
5. After rolling up with #7 varnish the leather nap may be pronounced, this is normal. With use, the nap will
slowly shorten as the roller becomes completely "broken in."
6. Following the roll up with #7 varnish, roll up in black ink
7. The roller may now be scraped and used for roll up and printing.
Note: We recommend Hanco Shop Mix Black for your roller. It is a medium stiff ink and takes
a long time to dry. Because of its slow drying time it will protect the roller and performs well for both
roll up and editioning.

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