Takach Jumbo Brayer

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  • Takach Jumbo Inking Brayer
  • Takach Jumbo Inking Brayer


Our Jumbo brayer fills the gap between our small hand brayers and our larger hand-inking rollers. The brayer has a large 3.5" diameter and a 12" face length. This large diameter gives you an 11" roll-out length providing an 11" x 12" square of ink without a lap mark. It has the same quality of rubber and the same lightweight aluminum powder coated frame as our other brayers. In stock at 35 durometer, it is also available in 60 durometer.

*Note-It may take up to 6 weeks for delivery if the brayer is currently not in stock.
Questions feel free to email or call us.
20 Durometer Jumbo Brayers are no longer available.
  • Large Diameter 3 1/2"
  • Rolls out 11" x 12" ink coverage without a lap mark
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and roller core.
  • Powder coated frame with integrated cradle
  • Journal extension bolts allow for "snap" or precision registration of roller rotation. (useful to position offset ink layers, when cleaning, or to add torque for a "snap" roll)
4.25 lbs

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