Akua Intaglio Etching Ink

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Akua Intaglio Ink

Printmaking inks created by professional printmakers.
Soy-based formulation delivers unmatched working properties.
Ink will not skin in jar or dry on your equipment.
Dries through absorption into paper fibers.
Wipes off etching plates cleanly while plenty of ink remains in grooves.
Easy, safe clean-up.
Highly pigmented for brilliant colors and intense blacks.

Use for intaglio, etching, monotype, relief and collagraph printmaking

Susan Rostow created Akua Intaglio professional printmaking inks to deliver brilliant colors, intense blacks and unmatched working properties.
Akua Intaglio will not skin over in the jar or dry on the printmaking plate. It dries through absorption into paper fibers. This delivers a range of meaningful benefits to printmakers. It affords the ultimate in convience - allowing you to work on prints on your schedule. you can leave your project for an hour, or a day or a week or more and come back and continue to work. When you are finished, you can clean up whenever you want - the ink will not dry on your equipment. In addition to convience, there is no wasted ink, you will be able to use the entire jar. The soy-based formulation makes clean-up a breeze, with no harmful solvents required. While the working properties make Akua Intaglio completly unique, printmakers love the beautiful preformance of theese inks. Susan carefully selected the highest quality pigments in developing a beautiful palette of 27 colors. There are four blacks that deliver a range of warmth and transparency. Beautiful colors range from earth tones to brilliant bright colors to powerful metalics. We think that you wil find Akua Intaglio the ideal combination of preformance, working properties, and safer printmaking.
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