Akua Intaglio Release Agent IIRA

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Akua Intaglio Ink: Modifier
Release Agent
Etching, Relief, Collagraph, Monotype
8oz / 237ml Jar, Mpn: IIRA
  1. It is required to release Akua Kolor brushwork from plate to paper when hand-printing monotypes with the Pin Press.
  2. It is used for making ghost prints. A ghost print is the second print from a monotype plate that has been inked only one time. It is a lighter version of the same image. By rolling Release Agent over the plate, it helps to transfer the remaining ink off the plate and onto another sheet of paper.
  3. Release Agent helps soften the metallic ink so it can easily transfer off the plate and onto the paper. Roll Akua Release Agent over the metallic ink that was applied to the plate. Release Agent looks white in the jar but rolls up clear and colorless. It has a soft, buttery consistency and cleans up with liquid dish detergent.

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