ImagOn HD Photopolymer Film

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  • ImagOn HD Photopolymer Film
  • ImagOn HD Photopolymer Film
  • ImagOn HD Photopolymer Film


ImagOn HD has a light transparent blue emulsion and is a slower film than ImagOn ULTRA rapid.
Both factors which contributes to making it a sharper film for imaging purposes.
ImagOnHD requires about twice the exposure as ImagOnULTRA rapid.
To lighten an image INCREASE exposure and to darken DECREASE exposure.
For best results laminate film at least one day in advance of exposure.
Instructions can be found
The initial tests for the ImagOnHD film have shown it to be vastly superior for heat exposure than previous films. A roll of ImagOnHD was left in direct sunlight for 18 hours (with and with out the Cool Shield Bubble Wrap) The inside temperature of the unprotected tube reached 98°F without melting or discoloring the film. The Cool Shield Bubble Wrap decreased the temperature by about 15°F.... This exposure to heat could never have been done with previous films without noticeable heat damage and is therefore shaping up to be the greatest improvement to ImagOn EVER! This, I believe, is an unintended characteristic of this new film, which was developed mainly to increase image definition, thus the HD (high definition) labeling reflected in its name. This film is subject to heat damage and Takach Press will not accept returns for heat damaged film.
(Please see use and care for more information)
This film is light sensitive as well as heat sensitive.
As such Takach Press goes above and beyond to try and ensure that this film is available year round and is not damaged by the heat.
We do insist that during the hotter months of the year that you consider using Next Day Air Service to help prevent the chance of damage from heat.
We do try and wrap each roll in insulated bubble wrap and put into the box to help keep the temperature down.
While we do make every effort to prevent damage we DO NOT Accept Returns on this product for any reason.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

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