Hand Operated Levigator

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A Levigator is an essential tool for the preparation of limestone for stone lithography, called graining. The Levigator is used in conjunction with abrasive media such as carborundum to remove material from the surface of the litho stone. Coarse abrasive is used to remove a layer containing the previous image from the surface quickly. Progressively finer abrasives are used to create a very delicate texture, or grain, on the surface of the stone. In this state, a complex organic topography of minute peaks and valleys are present. Necessary throughout the lithographic process these peaks and valleys increase the surface area available for intimate contact between the stone and oil-based drawing materials, etchants, wetting solutions and oil based inks.

For best printing results prevent an uneven litho stone. When levigating, measure the stone for flatness with a straight edge and even thickness with calipers. Mark areas that require the most material removal and focus on those areas with spot levigating. Repeat measurements and spot levigating to increase the overall flatness and even thickness of the stone. To maintain this flat and even stone establish and follow a pattern when levigating to ensure even material removal across the entire face of the litho stone.

Note* 8" levigator does not come with a counterweight.
Two stainless steel bosses welded to the levigator disc enable the transposition of the counterweight and the handle.
The counterweight is multi-purpose providing both rotational and downward forces.
The rotational force counteracts the force implemented by the operator for efficient levigator rotation.
The downward force maintains even pressure on the face of the levigator, promoting balanced wear.
A free rotating handle reduces abrasion that causes blisters on the operator's hands in the wet graining environment.
Counter-weight and handle should be periodically interchanged to promote balanced levigator depletion.
Thickness: 1"
Diameter: 11" or 8"
Materials: Mild steel body, stainless steel hardware, plastic handle
Rust prevention: Powder-coated surfaces, stainless steel handle shaft, stainless steel hardware.

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