Charbonnel Traditional Intaglio Etching Ink Black 55981 60 ml tube

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Classification of Black Universal 55981
Description: 55981
Composition: Ivory Black, Carbon Black
Viscosity: Very viscous. Easier to wipe than 55985
Characteristics: Universal, supple black.
Lightfastness: Completely lightfast, even when lightened. ★★★
Opacity: Opaque ◼
Pigments: PBk9-PBk7

★★★ Completely Light-fast colors, even when lightened ◻ Transparent Colors
★★Very Light-fast colors ◪ Transparent / Opaque Colors
★ Light-fast colors used in a pure state ◼ Opaque Colors
PW = White Pigment
PO = Orange Pigment PB = Blue Pigment
PBr = Brown Pigment
PV = Violet Pigment
PY = Yellow Pigment
PR = Red Pigment
PG = Green Pigment
PBk = Black Pigment

Since 1862, Charbonnel has been manufacturing inks and grounds for intaglio and lithography. Charbonnel has been the choice for the most renowned artists of our time: from Renoir, Degas, Lautrec and Picasso to present day masters such as Rauschenberg, Hockney, Diebenkorn and Thiebaud. The pigments are chosen for their excellent light fastness and low acidity. They are then blended with top-quality oils and finely milled to ensure trouble-free printing and a lasting work of art.
•Traditional intaglio / etching inks.
•Capture details and textural subtleties.
•Available in 60 ml tubes and 200 ml cans.
•Highest pigment load and vibrancy.
•Lightfast colors.
•Wide range of blacks for various techniques
•Excellent for all forms of intaglio, lithography and monotype.
•Charbonnel inks are the choice of artists and print shops around the world.
•Inks are specially-designed for intaglio techniques.
•Rigorous quality control ensures the consistency of the colors, paste and viscosity.

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