Charbonnel Traditional Intaglio Etching Ink Gold 60 ml tube

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Charbonnel: Gold
Light-fastness: Completely light-fast, even when lightened. ★★★
Opacity: Opaque ◼
Characteristics: It is advisable not to mix Gold as not to reduce its effectiveness.
Metallics: Gold has a natural bronze base pigment and silver an aluminum base pigment. The pigment particle size of the the shades is larger and the paste thicker than the others because they cannot be ground. Grinding would actually crush the pigment, which would lose all its metallic characteristics.
200 ML no longer available.
★★★ Completely Light-fast colors, even when lightened ◻ Transparent Colors
★★Very Light-fast colors ◪ Transparent / Opaque Colors
★ Light-fast colors used in a pure state ◼ Opaque Colors
PW = White Pigment
PO = Orange Pigment PB = Blue Pigment
PBr = Brown Pigment
PV = Violet Pigment
PY = Yellow Pigment
PR = Red Pigment
PG = Green Pigment
PBk = Black Pigment

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