Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner

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  • Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner
  • Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner


The original blue plate cleaner.
Varn specialty chemical: plate cleaner
Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner quickly and completely opens all types of metal offset plates, even after long periods of storage. Use True Blue to remove surface scratches, oxidation spots, semi-dried ink and gum streaks which reduce print quality. True Blue restores the ink receptive surface. Just apply and rinse. Clean plates "on the fly" on web offset presses to minimize downtime, extend plate life and increase the number of impressions per plate.
SHAKE WELL! add True Blue to a water dampened cloth or sponge and apply evenly over entire plate or lightly rub effected area. Rinse with water. True Blue can be sprayed directly on web plates while running. Avoid dripping on substrate or spraying onto form rollers.
  • Deionized water
  • Petroleum Naptha
  • Arabic Gum
  • Acetic acid
CAUTION: Contains volatile, combustible petroleum distillates. Mildly acidic solution containing gum, wetting agents and inorganic salts. TARGET ORGAN EFFECTS: Prolonged skin contact may cause minor irritation. Contact with eyes will cause irritation. PRECAUTIONS: Keep product away from high heat sources, sparks and open flames. Keep container closed when not in use. Wear solvent resistant gloves, safety glasses with side shields and assure proper ventilation when using product.
VOC 2.02 Lbs/Gal.

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