Tympan Grease

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Lucas Red "N" Tacky Grease
Made in USA
Used when printing lithography to reduce the friction between the scraper bar and the tympan.
Especially good for sliding surfaces.

The wide opening of this 1 Lb. container of tympan grease allows for easy dispensing with an ink knife.
Designed for high-pressure applications, and offers excellent wear resistance, with less friction and less heat on your equipment.
Use on Litho Presses between the Scraper Bar and Tympan Sheet.

NET WT. 1 LB (16 OZ) 454g
Lucas Red "N" Tacky is a high quality lithium complex grease fortified with extreem pressure (EP) lubricant additives that inhibits rust, corrosion and oxidation setting it apart from similar greases. Excellent for trucks, cars, industrial equipment, farm equipment, boat trailers and wheel bearings.
NLGI rated GC-LB, the highest rating given for chassis and wheel bearing grease. NLGI #2

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Lucas Oil Products, Inc.