Puretch Photopolymer Etching Resist

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Puretch printmaking film for photo etching copper plate in ferric chloride.
This is the thinnest dry film photoresist available which yields the highest resolution etchable resist. This film is ideal for photo etching high resolution halftones and hand drawn line work on matte mylar or inkjet transparency. Puretch is a negative working film which means it is exposed with a positive. If an aquatint is required it can be applied traditionally over top of the developed film or with a separate exposure to an aquatint screen. Puretch laminates with distilled water and squeegee. Expose film with a UV point light for best results. The exposed film is developed in a 1% soda ash solution. Etch copper plates with ferric chloride. The film can be stripped from the etched plate with an alkali such as TSP and the plate can be reworked with any traditional process. Detailed instructions are included with film.

Available in 24.75 inches wide x 10 feet long roll.