MT21 3mm Micro Sweep

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MT21 3mm Micro Sweep

Perfect for:
  • Miniature and fine detail work
  • Cleaning up ridges created by gouge cuts
  • Cleaning up tight corners
  • Accessing tight spaces
  • Carving fine details such as mouths and eyes, plus adding texture such as hair, fur and feathers
Tool storage tips
Due to the extreme sharpness of the tools, they should be stored in their carrying case and out of reach of children when not in use. Care should be taken not to store them in a humid environment (damp basements, greenhouses, etc.).
The black oxide finish on the tools is a rust inhibitor but does not rust-proof them.
Proper tool storage and tool care will help prevent your tools from rusting. In order to maintain your tools, you can apply a thin layer of a 3-in-1 oil to the entire blade.
WD-40 can also be used, however, it should not be used for long periods of time as it can wear off and your tools will still absorb the moisture. You should do this in the event that you will not be using your tools for a few days or longer.
Even stored in the box, moisture will affect your tools by rusting. When you are ready to use your tools again, you will have to wipe off the entire tool before use.
The oil may be absorbed by the wood and will prevent a finish from being applied to your carvings. Moisture desiccant packs placed in the carrying case can also be used.

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