Ink Can Skin Papers

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  • Ink Can Skin Papers
  • Ink Can Skin Papers


Replacement skin papers: Grease proof waxed papers in the three most common ink can diameters.
Convenient 100 paper packs: Don't reuse damaged papers which allow air to contact the ink.
Purpose: Replacing missing or damaged ink skin papers, reduces oxidation of ink. This simple solution will extend the life and usable volume of ink.
How to use: Place a fresh ink skin paper directly on top of ink in the can. Remove any air pockets by massaging them towards the edge of the ink can.
Sizing: Please measure your ink can sizes, and select the best fit skin paper.
3¾ inch diameter: all 1 lb cans & 200 ml Charbonnel ink cans
5¼ inch diameter: 800 ml Charbonnel ink cans
6 inch diameter: Hanco 5lb & 8½ lb ink cans

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