Custom Color for table top presses

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Want to make your press stand out and give it some flair.  Add a Custom Color to your new table top Takach Press.
This also includes the support bench if you decide to purchase at the same time. 
Adding a custom color to your press may increase your lead time.  While we will of course do everything we can to ensure a fast turnaround.  The biggest delay is usually the time it takes to pick a color and if we need to order that pigment in from the manufacturer if it is not a previously used color.   
The colors that are available are based off of the RAL color charts.  Please note that viewing a color chart online through your phone screen or monitor will be different than the actual pigment that is applied to your press.  This is due to screens not displaying true colors.  Most phone and tablet screens have their saturation turned up extremely high to make colors pop.  
Due to this we will be happy to send out a color chart of the actual acolors that are available.  This way you are welcome to select a more accurate color.  

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