Charbonnel Traditional Intaglio Etching Ink Emerald Green 200 ml can (Viridian)

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Charbonnel: Emerald Green
Lightfastness: Completely lightfast, even when lightened. ★★★
Opacity: Transparent / Opaque ◪
Pigments: PG7
Characteristics: Green with a hint of blue.
Greens: These pigments have a phthalocyanine base and are transparent with a good coloring power and excellent stability.
Drying: The average drying time for Charbonnel greens is approximately 10 days.

★★★ Completely Light-fast colors, even when lightened ◻ Transparent Colors
★★Very Light-fast colors ◪ Transparent / Opaque Colors
★ Light-fast colors used in a pure state ◼ Opaque Colors
PW = White Pigment
PO = Orange Pigment PB = Blue Pigment
PBr = Brown Pigment
PV = Violet Pigment
PY = Yellow Pigment
PR = Red Pigment
PG = Green Pigment
PBk = Black Pigment

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