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Soda Ash Soda Ash

Used to develop photopolymer films such as ImagOn and Puretch.

zig opaquer pens Zig Opaquer Pens

The ink flows smoothly onto plastic film and dries quickly. The red colored ink blocks a remarkable amount ultra violet light, as it is on the opposite end of the spectrum. The pen is recommended, for hand drawing, or touch ups on digital positive and negative film separations.

BIG Etching ground tubes Baldwin's Ink Ground (BIG)

Non-Toxic Etching Ground

  • 75 ml Black
  • 75 ml Red
Can be used for many different processes including Photo Etching

Price: $21.00
ImagOn HD Photopolymer Film ImagOn HD Photopolymer Film

Photopolymer film that is adhered to a piece of plastic such as the polycarbonate or PETG plates.  You will need a U.V. (ultra violet) light source to expose this film.

PURETCH Puretch Photopolymer Etching Resist

The thinnest dry film (.6mil) photoresist available which yields the highest resolution etchable resist.  For best results use with copper plate and ferric chloride.

Price: $49.00