Akua Kolor Standard Color Set (Kit #2)

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Supplied with everything in Kit#1 plus 8 additional colors, Includes 4 oz. bottles of: all 4 modifiers and 12 colors:
Retarder, Blending Medium, Tack Thickener, Extender.
Hansa Yellow, Diarylide Yellow, Pyrrolle Orange, Crimson Red, Ultra-Marine Blue, Phthalo Green Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Jet Black, and Titanium White
There is no other ink like Akua Kolor.
Non-toxic Akua Kolor water-based ink uses only the most light fast pigments in a unique formula. Without fillers, suspending agents or polymers, Akua Kolor allows the brilliance of each color to really come through. In order to maintain this integrity in some of the heavier pigments a stainless steel mixing ball is added to the bottle to ease the mixing/shaking of Akua Kolor.
Used for all types of monotypes and monoprints
  • Printmaking methods suitable including traditional Japanese or western woodblocks linocuts and collagraphs.
  • Akua Kolor rolls or brushes onto the plate beautifully.
  • It is slow drying with a greasy consistency similar to oil-based inks.
  • Akua Kolor prints on dry paper and cleans up easily with water.
  • Specially designed monotype tools are also available.
Unique features of this ink set it apart from any water-based ink you have previously experienced.
Features include:
  • Roll up capability using brayers and inking rollers.
  • By working small amounts of tack thickener into the ink on an ink mixing slab you can create viscosity comparable to oil-based ink.
  • You may then layer colors on the monotype plate with the brayer to create deep richness.
  • Brayering can be combined with brushwork, needle applicators and monotype marker pens on the same plate.
  • Printing on dry paper will save the artist/printer the steps of paper soaking and pressing.
  • We recommend the .030 monotype plate for this application.

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