4896 Floor Model Motor Driven Variable Speed Lithography Press

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Variable Speed Motorized Etching Presses.

Recommended for professional shops and top level university programs.


  • Motor
    • DC permanent magnet motor provides maximum performance
      • Motorized systems may be wired to meet international requirements (when provided to Takach Press at time of purchase otherwise we will wire for standard 110v 50hz)
  • Safety Guard System
    • Pinch point safety guards are mounted on each side of the pressure drum and attached directly to the bearing support units.  They move up and down with the pressure drum remaining a constant distance above the work placed on the press bed.  When triggered the guard will automatically shut down the motor drive, helping to prevent injury.  The drive system may be reactivated by simply pressing the restart button once the dangerous condition has been fixed.
  • Controller
    • Infinite bed speed control with constant torque from 0 inches to 4.25 inch per second. 
    • High speed return switch returns the bed to the inking position at maximum speed.   
    • All conttrol switches are mounted conveniently on the operator's side of the press.
    • Dynamic braking increases braking performance for additonal safety.
    • Soft start acceleration control to help reduce plate skip
  • Limit Switch
    • An adjustable bed position limit switch allows the operator complete control of the bed travel length.
  • Power Requirements 
    • 115 Volts at 15 amps.
      • Allows for common household current powers this system.
        • (Additional options for other voltages and amps available)
  • Other Features
    • The DC system is 50% quieter than conventional AC drive systems.
    • The press bed may be operated at high speed in either direction.
    • Press bed speed may be varied at any point during the printing cycle to maximize performance
  • Less operator fatigue
    • net result is increased production of prints

Standard Etching Press Features Included on Motorized Presses

  • Pressure Systems:
    • Printing pressure is applied by lowering the upper pressure drum onto the press bed using the pressure adjusting screws.  
    • Micrometer pressure dials are supplied with each press to allow consistent pressure application and repeatablility. 
    • The upper pressure drum may be raised 1.25 inches above the press bed for relief printing.
  • Press Bed
    • Three inch thick, staggered grain, hard rock maple wood is the core of our press beds.  All wood sections are relief cut according to manufacturer's specifications to eliminate bed warp.
    • Steel pins, 3/4 inch in diameter, connect bed sections.  
    • A .25 inch plate with a phenolic resin sheet bonded to the top surface provides the working surface of the press bed.  
    • The working surface will withstand all chemicals used in the printing process and will withstand very high pressures without embossment problems or loss of printing pressure.  
    • The underside of the bed is also covered with a .25 inch plate with a phenolic resin sheet bonded to the bottom surface to help ensure the structrule integrity of the press bed and protect from moisture.
    • Uneven printing pressure is eliminated by independently adjustable precision ball bearings supporting the bed.  
    • Bed stops secure the moving press bed to the press frame preventing the press bed from being able to fall off the press frame.  This feature is a must in today's safety conscious work environment. 
  • Frame Unit
    • .188" wall steel tubing is bolted and welded for maximum strength.  Metal inert Gas (MIG) welding method is used.
    • This provides the strongest and cleanest weld available. 
    • The lower frame unit may be fully disassembled if necessary.
  • Pressure and Drive Drums
    • Welded drum shafts, support baffles, and heavy wall 10.75 inch diameter drum stock are machined to precise specifications as a concentric unit.  
    • Maximum drum shaft support is achieved by two self aligning ball bearing support units.  These very large diameter drums aid the printmaker tremendously when heavy pressure is being used during the printing process.  All drums are nickel plated to eliminate rusting.
  • Bed Drive System
    • Nylatron wear strips attached to each side frame assure minimal bed friction.  
    • Powdered coated c hain guard protects operator from moving parts of drive system
  • Finish
    • All press parts are protected by nickel plating, anodizing or highly durable powder coating.

Extra Information

Takach Press
Bed Size:
47.5 inces by 96 inches
Overall Bed Operating Space (floor space):
192 inches (95 inches from center on each end)
Overall Width:
68 inches
Overall Height (Top of Yoke):
57 inches
Frame Length:
157.5 inches
Frame Width:
52 inches
Frame Height:
30.5 inches
Bed Length:
96 Inches
Bed Width:
47.5 inches
Bed Height (from floor):
32 inches
Drum Length:
47.5 inches
Drum Shaft Diameter:
2.5 inches
Drum Support Bearing Diameter:
2.437 inches
Drum Diameter:
10.75 inches

Warranty Information

20 Year Written warranty. This unit is warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service to the original purchaser for a period of twenty (20) years. During the warranty period we will repair or replace at our option free of charge to the original purchaser, any part that our examination shows to be defective in workmanship or materials that are returned to us, shipping costs prepaid. Repaired parts or replaced parts will be returned in a reasonable period of time to the purchaser, shipping costs collect. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by transit, by misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, normal wear, or alterations by unauthorized persons. The above warranty does not apply to any of the electrical components. All electrical components are covered separately by their own manufacturer's warranty.