Fine Art Paper Tear Bar

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  • Fine Art Paper Tear Bar
  • Fine Art Paper Tear Bar
  • Fine Art Paper Tear Bar


Designed and manufactured by Takach Press Corporation, This stainless steel bar's unique design allows effortless tearing of heavy western fine art printmaking paper, as well as Japanese papers.
When tearing Japanese papers first fold the paper where it is to be torn. Dampen the folded edge of the paper with water. Place our Tear Bar on the folded line and tear.

"This is my all around favorite tear bar for tearing, drawing, and cutting. When it first arrived a few years back I was a little disappointed, because it seemed a little lightweight compared to the one I used in school. The school tear bar was probably twice as thick with a beveled edge. I like hefty tools. I soon figured out that the secret to the Takach bar is in the folded edge. The cutting edge is ever so slightly lower than the rest of the bar, so as the bar rests on the paper a large part of its weight is concentrated at the tear line. The results are a tear bar that just does not move--even when tearing thin strips of paper."-eb

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