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Screen printing equipment.
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KDL Washout Sink KDL Washout Sink Discontinued

24" Deep 36" wide 64" High; Easy to backlight

Cam Spray Industrial Pressure Washer Cam Spray Industrial Pressure Washer

The 2 GPM 1450 PSI hand carry Cam Spray 1500A Pressure Washer. For a cold water use. The 1500A is electric powered and can be conveniently moved and transported for pressure washing on location or in-shop.

Silkscreen: WDX washout sink WDX Washout Sink Discontinued

Blackline Fully Backlit WDX Washout Sinks

  • WDX 36:
    max screen size: 32"x44"
  • WDX 48:
    max screen size: 42"x44"
  • WDX 60:
    max screen size: 54"x44"
  • WDX 72:
    max screen size: 66"x44"

Filter ONe HP Filter System Filter One HP Filter System

The Filter One HP is an under-sink filtration system that utilizes a dual-tank design to trap ink and emulsion solids before they reach the outflow. It connects to your plumbing, and when used with biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners, discharge from the system is drain-safe. It's extremely easy to operate and fits under any of Blackline Mfg.’s washout sinks, making it a cost-effective waste management system.


• The Filter One HP can only be used with aqueous-based, biodegradable non-toxic chemical solvents.
• If the Filter One HP is to be used to filter photopolymer emulsion, Blackline Mfg. strongly recommends using a solvent that contains a surfactant. This will help break down the photopolymer. Without the use of a surfactant, it may be necessary to change the filters on the Filter One HP several times per week.

AWT Squeegee Sharpener AWT Squeegee Sharpener 24"

  • 24" Silkscreen Squeegee Sharpener

Price: $1,590.00
D2 Washout Sink D2 Washout Sink DISCONTINUED

Blackline D2 Screenprinting Washout Sink

Price: $1,625.00
Accu-Glide Serigraph Press Accu-Glide Serigraph Press

One-Man Squeegee Unit: Size: 15"x25" to 25"x38"

Seri-Glide Serigraph Press Seri-Glide Serigraph Press

A.W.T. Seri-Glide One-Man Squeegee Unit