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Russell Ink Knife Russell Ink Knife

These premium ink knives feature a full tang forged steel blade held to a rosewood handle with brass rivets.

  • Flexible
  • Stiff
  • 1 1/4"
  • 1 1/2"
  • 2"

Plastic Ink Spreader 3" x 4" Plastic Ink Spreader 3 X 4 in.

Perfect for spreading ink across your etching plates

Price: $0.75
Ink scraper with retractable razor blade Ink Scraper Retractable Razor Blade

Retractable ink scraper with locking blade.

Price: $3.00
Empty 1 Lb Metal Can with Slip Top Empty 1 lb Metal Can with Slip Top

Perfect for storing custom colors and special batches.

Price: $3.00
Richard Razor Scraper Richard Razor Scraper

This non-retractable scraper is simple, easy to clean and fits a standard single-edge razor.

Price: $5.00
1.25 inch ink knife Ink Knife 1.25 in. Scraper (Stiff)

1.25 inch ink knife with stiff blade.

Price: $9.00
1.25 inch flexible ink knife Ink Knife 1.25 in. Scraper (Flexible)

1.25 inch flexible ink knife.
Perfect for mixing inks.

Price: $9.00
100 pack razor blades 100 Pack Razor Blades

100 pack razor blades designed for use with the retractable razor scraper.

Price: $9.00
Ink knife 3 inch stiff tapered Ink Knife 3 in. Scraper (Stiff Tapered)

Stiff tapered 3 inch ink knife.
Great for use with stiff inks

Price: $12.00
Leather Roller Scraper Leather Roller Scraper

Long bladed scraper used to remove ink from a leather roller.

Price: $12.00