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Drawing materials with superior Ultraviolet light blocking characteristics. Used for hand drawing films for photographic printmaking processes.
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Stabilo Pencil Stabilo Pencil

A great water soluble drawing tool to be used on substrates such as Artex, Velvet Tone, or Matte Polyester films.

zig opaquer pens Zig Opaquer Pens

The ink flows smoothly onto plastic film and dries quickly. The red colored ink blocks a remarkable amount ultra violet light, as it is on the opposite end of the spectrum. The pen is recommended, for hand drawing, or touch ups on digital positive and negative film separations.

Film Opaquer Pen Film Opaquer Pens

Light-opaque ink pens, great for drawing on films.

Rubylith Rubylith

A traditional red masking film that blocks ultra-violet light. Suitable for all screen processes photographic stencil materials. For contacting, platemaking, and use with orthochromatic films.

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