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Leather Roller Cuffs Leather Roller Cuffs (tapered)

Designed to slip over your roller handles. This product will protect your hands during long printing sessions. The cuffs are slightly tapered and are suitable for use on rollers with tapered handles.

Price: $45.00
Leather Roller Leather Rollers

Hand made leather rollers.
Conditioning available.

Grabit Rollers (Simulated Leather) 4.75" Diameter Grabit Rollers (Simulated Leather)

15" Roll Out

Face Length

  • 14.75"
  • 16.75"
Takach Press manufactures these specialty Grabit rollers similarly to the standard hand inking rollers. The difference is in the outer coating designed to duplicate essential characteristics, properties, and performance of a traditional leather roller. To manufacturer this particular roller a two layer process id used. First, an underlying layer of rubber coats the aluminum core, next an elastomeric ink roll consisting of uniformly impregnated synthetic fibers creates the characteristic nap of these specialty inking rollers.