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BIG Etching ground tubes Baldwin's Ink Ground (BIG)

Non-Toxic Etching Ground

  • 75 ml Black
  • 75 ml Red
Can be used for many different processes including Photo Etching

Price: $21.00
Printmakers Hard Ground Printmakers Liquid Hard Ground

Printmakers Hard ground.
Available in Quarts and Gallons.

Lamour Black Satin Hard Ground Lamour Black Satin Hard Ground - Charbonnel

  • Hard
  • Opaque
  • Satin
  • Liquid
Allows a long etching time with no risks of scaling. It dries faster than Ultraflex due to the presence of quick drying petroleum. It is harder than the Ultraflex ground and, therefore, allows finer lines.
  • 75 ml
  • 250 ml

Charbonnel Ultraflex Engraver Liquid Hard Ground Ultraflex Engraver Liquid hard Ground - Charbonnel

  • Hard
  • Translucent
  • Satin
  • Liquid
Due to its transparency, it is suitable for a second application and reworking.
  • 75 ML
  • 500 ML

Graphic Chemical Universal Etching Hard Ground Hard Ground - Graphic Chemical

  • Pint
  • Quart
Universal Hard Ground

Graphic Chemical Universal Etching Soft Ground Soft Ground - Graphic Chemical

  • Pint
  • Quart
Universal Soft Ground