Ball Grained Litho Plates 36 X 51 X 0.015 in.

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  • Ball Grained Aluminum Plate
  • Ball Grained Aluminum Plate


36 inch by 51 Inch Ball Grained Litho Plates are currently not available due to a material shortage of quality aluminum plates that are required.  As such we have temporarily discontinued this size until such time as we are able to procure the correct size and quality plate.  

Takach Press's Ball Grained Aluminum Plate is used for student applications as well as the private and professional shops worldwide. It offers more runs and is easier to handle. Each plate is grained at Takach Press's facility and has been visually inspected. Every batch of aluminum is tested by master lithographers to ensure quality of the material. This ensures that each batch is the same as the one before it. Each plate's working surface is protected with acid free tissue and is packaged securely to ensure safe arrival at your studio. In 1987 Takach Press grained its first Ball Grained Aluminum Plate. Since then we have sold plates to customers worldwide.

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